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How works

You have a business and want buyers to know about your business i.e your shop, office or workshop, your products and services. You want to follow the path of successful businesses out there by getting closer to your customers through the internet. You want your clients to know you’re living in the presence of internet. Then all you need is Fill form to get your business information closer to prospective buyers and existing customers

How works

  • A prospect wants to buy shoes and you own a shoe shop at (for example) Idumota Lagos.
  • The prospect then turns to Google and type shoes shops in Idumota Lagos.
  • Google takes him to your page on
  • He can see your shop address and all your contacts including phone number
  • He visits you to buy or call to order
Unless you’re on, other competitors with us will be found and contacted. Be there too. 
Imagine the number of people who use Google to search for nearest:
  • Mechanic Workshop
  • Barbing shops
  • Hospital (in case of emergencies)
  • Electronics shop
  • Electricians
  • Rewire Workshop
  • Chattered vehicles
  • Land, House and rooms agent
  • Club houses
  • Video clubs
  • etc

Unless you join those who are winning today, sooner or later, you may lose out.

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